What are the tresholds to setting up and managing collective systems for sustainable, circular (rain) water management?

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The potential created by tackling problems on a collective level is insufficiently exploited. In this way we want to collect as much information as possible from relevant stakeholders: what are the barriers and missing links to do collective (rain) water management. This both in an urban context (residential areas, collective housing forms, ..) and on industrial sites.


  • Aquafin is currently preparing a project on behalf of the Flemish region around the industrial area Ravenshout (Tessenderlo-Beringen), this area has an area of ​​440 ha, of which 230 ha is paved. We estimate that 1.6 million m³ of rainwater can be buffered here every year. This should provide a large part of the companies present (which currently have a licensed groundwater extraction of approximately 2 million m³) with water.

  • Drought testing grounds: if at least three companies work together to include (re) use of water in their business operations in a sustainable way, they can apply for a project subsidy from the Flemish Environment Agency. More info: https://www.vmm.be/water/projecten/proeftuinen-droogte.

  • Neighborhood water maps, with which water-related partnerships are initiated. More info: https://vito.be/nl/product/multi-site-aanpak.

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